Brands run it. And in this new world, they want to tell meaningful stories that have a positive impact on peoples’ lives and in doing so, open a new chapter in business and humanity.

In this Brand New World, business will be the curator of art. And the movie, long form and short form, will be the primary art form that both delivers immediate impact and lives in perpetuity.

Brand New World Studios is the first and only company to take an organization’s greater purpose and develop and distribute that message to a worldwide audience, effectively, efficiently and dramatically. That’s the power of film in this brand new world.  

For the first time marketers will be able to bring their purpose to the world to inspire and guide their customers, associates and shareholders, not just sell them. 

Making a film and distributing it globally is an initial ten year value proposition with a return on investment in impressions, revenue and inspiration. In reality, films live nearly forever, affording organizations the ability to share their purpose with the world and connect with their customers for generations to come.

Until now, commerce was focused on the life of business, but now companies will be focused on the business of life.